My mother isn't on Medicaid yet buts her income meets the limits. I've been taking care of her in her home (that she owns). We haven't signed up for Medicaid yet because the social worker say that Medicad will want us to sell the house to pay them back after she dies. Now I'm seeing questions on here about child care giver exemption if your child lives with you 2 years taking care of you that the house is exempted. I've had packages delivered here the passed few months but I still have an apartment that my son lives in which we are getting rid of, and also if she does get Medicaid will they pay me for taking care of her or will that have to be paid back after she dies??

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There are specific things you need to do to qualify as a child caregiver.

I assume you meet the first one, and can prove you're her daughter with a birth certificate.

The second is that you need to document what you do as caregiver, and show that without the care you're providing she would need to be in a nursing home or similar. You will need professional documentation from her doctor or home care nurse agreeing that you're providing services that keep her out of a nursing home, and they will have to include a statement of all medical conditions that apply to your mother.

Third, you have to physically live with her in her house for two or more years prior to needing Medicaid. Having packages sent there doesn't make it your legal residence. To prove residency, that address would be on your driver's licence, bank account, phone bill, tax returns, etc. for that two year time period.

You can read more about it here:
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You don’t qualify for the exemption. You would have had to live with her for several years. Medicaid doesn’t care if you get packages delivered to her address either. That doesn’t make you eligible.
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I don't think you qualify. You have a place to live. Family being able to stay in the home are those who have given up everything to live with parent and can prove how long they have cared for the parent. This is not an easy thing. If the person is allowed to stay in the house, they must prove that they can pay taxes, utilities, and upkeep. They r not allowed to move someone else in. Upon parents death, a lean is put on the house. At this point, you may be able to stay in the house but if house is sold, the lean is paid.
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