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Elder Care Resource Planning is a business located in San Francisco, CA that that was started in 2015 to "provide comprehensive help to families in need"  They are a PROFESSIONAL SERVICE that starts with a FREE phone consultation followed by a meeting to discuss your family's situation after which the company prepares a "customized plan with cost projections, available benefits programs, and recommendations for making the most of your financial situation to best care for your elderly loved one. Completed plans typically run from 10 to 15 pages. We normally complete your plan within seven business days after your in-take call."

It is a business that offers RESOURCES, nothing more.  They do not help you sign up for Medicaid or Medicare, that has to be done through the Medicaid or Medicare offices or websites.  You can find most the information that they offer on the internet.

ADDED from their website:
""Medicaid and Medi-Cal Planning
When preparing for Medicaid, many families want to understand how to protect some family assets. Doing so not only helps the elder save, but also allows them to age with dignity.
ECR Planning offers "PERSONALIZED RECOMMENDATIONS" on preparing for and getting enrolled in Medicaid, without spending all of your life savings first. We PROVIDE valuable GUIDANCE on state specific rules to help the family avoid pitfalls and delays. We are familiar with how the Medicaid system works in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Our knowledgeable advisers educate you on how the system works, so you can minimize having to use lawyers or other expensive specialists.""

If you are looking for someone to do the actual work of applying for Medicaid or Medicare, you need to find someone other than this company.
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I am assuming you r looking for a NH for husband. What I would initially do is call Medicaid and set up an appointment. Take as much info you can with you. SS cards, marriage certificate, savings and checking statements (u will eventually be asked to supply five years)amount of bonds, shares, stocks. Anything involving money. Oh, paperwork used to do last years taxes. This will include all ur 1099s for SS and pensions. Insurance policies with cash value. (You can prepay funeral costs) If owed by an employer, it won't count.

If after you speak to them you feel you may need a lawyer, then get one. They will make sure you have enough to live on.
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Since they are advertising a free initial consultation I assume that the information is being sold, not freely given and I suspect they won't tell you anything you couldn't find out elsewhere. For true personalized help you would be better off with an elder law lawyer who is familiar with Medicaid.
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