My 92 year old mother was recently released home from the hospital after severely breaking her ankle. The discharge person ordered a quad cane, commode & wheelchair for her. It was our understanding that these items had been provided through Medicare. Now 2 months later the home health agency that came to visit her a few times after her discharge and arranged for PT is claiming she is renting the wheel chair. They want to know if she wants to continue to rent or return it? Is anyone familiar with this, is it legit or a scam?

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It is legit. Medicare does not generally purchase a wheelchair. Rather they rent it for the person. The medical supply company generally stops charging and "gives" you the wheelchair after so many payments.

So if someone needs a wheelchair for two months after being released from the hospital, Medicare pays for 2 months rent and then takes it back. If someone needs the wheelchair for a year or permanently, Medicare pays monthly for it until they've more than paid for the cost, and then the wheelchair is yours to keep. When my husband used a wheelchair, we got a periodic call (monthly?) asking if he still was using it.

The same is true for a hospital bed or other large equipment.

If Medicare is paying, they typically rent large items that might be used a brief time. Just confirm that your mother still needs the items.
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