Zoloft made him sleepy all the time. Dr says Prozac won't cause drowsiness, but label says may cause drowsiness. Also has other warnings that concern me. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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Would like to have more information!

Prozac has been around a lot longer than Zoloft. Therefore, in my opinion Prozac is a safer choice depending on what is the underlying cause.

Prozac treats eating disorders, anxiety, bipolar, severe sleep disorders, mood disorders, and OCD which may treat him from picking at his skin. OCD is anxiety base disorder.
Zoloft which is commonly use for depression, but can have good effects on anxiety.
There is way to tell if Prozac will make him sleepy it effects people differently. For some people it keeps them awake while others it makes them sleep.

You can look up these drugs online and Web MD is a good start along with Mayo Clinic.

If it was me having to make this choice I would choose Prozac at a small dose. Zoloft last I knew was having a higher suicide rate, however, I read about that in AMJ some years ago, therefore, I don't know If that reminds still true.

Good Luck.
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