Is my mother able to get a durable POA for father's banking with a letter from the doctor stating he is in an induced coma?

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My father is currently in ICU and in an induced coma. Is my mother able to get a durable POA for his banking with a letter from his doctor stating his condition?

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Are your mom and dad legally Married?
Are both names on the bank accounts?

If so to the questions, I don't see why she needs POA. She should have free access to any money in their accounts.

Maybe I'm not understanding what you mean. Has she ever used the account or drawn money out of it? Could you give more information?
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No, he would have to be conscious and competent to grant poa. You may have to look into guardianship. Mom is not on any accounts?
You cannot get a power of attorney if he is incapacitated.

All is not lost, however. You can get a GUARDIANSHIP for him. You have to petition the court for this. Like a power of attorney, a guardian can conduct business on behalf of a disabled individual. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you obtain an attorney who specializes in this area of law if you can afford it.

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