She is 97. Has dementia, is incontinent, deaf, bedridden. I. The last few days she has sleepy practically all the time. She is about to stop eating, I think. She will take a bite or two and then put her head down. Should I try to make her eat or not? I really think she wants to die she has been bedridden for almost a year.

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It does sound like her time here on earth is coming to an end. If it is, I hope that it is peaceful for you and her. If she isn't hungry, I wouldn't force her to eat. Maybe she might like a little moisture on her lips and mouth. cmag and Jeanne's advice of calling in hospice to make her more comfortable is very good. We never know how much longer it will be, but hospice can help make it easier.
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I would encourage you to call Hospice, if only for one reason. They will take care of the death certificate without a homicide squad appearing at your door.
Yes, she will pass soon. The problem is that every death requires a big investigation, autopsies, searches, interrogation, etc unless you have Hospice on board.
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Sleeping more than 20 hours a day is one indication that death may be near. Not wanting food is another. Neither of these is conclusive, but if you have been considering asking for hospice care to help you cope with the end of mother's life, I think it is time to call them in.
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You may want to either contact her doctor or hospice care.
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