My mom has Dementia/Alzheimers, also several different Arthritis she spends most days in bed, she is mobile and can get around the house with a cane, we make sure she eats, otherwise she wouldn't. She sleeps alot and is not interested in doing anything, she is in constant pain. She gets easily agitated and acusses us of stealing from her but Dr says thats part of the dementia. If I do not bsthe her and keep her clean she would not do it herself. It seems to me she is just giving up and no longer wants to be around, and she has said that before. We are her caretakers and she is very well taken care of, but it seems like she is just going downhill and I'm wondering is this a sign of the end being near? What are signs of the end nearing and when do I call hospice to help? Its so very sad and hard to watch my mom who was such a vibrant on the go mom who was always there for us, just dwindle away. If anybody could give me any advice or signs to look for, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you and God Bless.

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Her not eating or bathing is also part of her Dementia. They forget to eat and drink.
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Yes, agitation is sometimes part of dementia, just as pain is part of cancer. But although dementia and sometimes cancers can't be cured, there are medications that can help the symptoms.

Ask her doctor (or if you've already had this conversation with her current doctor, find her one who specializes in dementia care, like a geriatrician) what medications s/he can prescribe that can help mom be calmer and pain free.
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I don't think that giving up is necessarily a sign that the end is near. It may be a sign that your Mom wishes that to be true. I think when someone is in constant pain and everything becomes a struggle and everything has to be done for a person it makes sense that maybe they would like it all to just be over with, as sad as that is for those who love that individual to hear.

I would try to get an entire physical and mental evaluation done for your Mom so that you could at the very least make sure all her medical needs are being met and then after that just do what you can to help her and hope for the best. Don't put yourself in a position where you feel that you are responsible for your Mom's physical downgrade and state of mind. Life just happens..............God Bless!
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Lexie, how long has Mom had dementia? Do you know if it Alzheimer's or some other kind? How old is she?

Why can't the pain be managed? What does her doctor say?

The agitation and the accusations are typical of dementia. Has her doctor suggested anything for the agitation? Going downhill is also part of dementia.

I think I'd work with her doctor to try to get the pain under better control, and to ease the agitation. If you can improve these two conditions, she may perk up some. I think I would try this first, and then perhaps call hospice. You can call hospice anytime for an evaluation. They can help you decide if she is near the end.

Hugs to all of you! Dementia is always hard on the whole family.
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