I just can't decide what to do. I'm in Louisiana and we're about to get hit really hard by this virus. We are in shut-down, my mother's place is in shut-down but at this point I can go in once a week to prepare her medicines. This means checking her oxygen machine, other things that she gets confused about. If they stop even me from coming in I have to hire a nurse to give her meds which will be a problem already because she is obsessed with her pills. Is it safer at my home with just me and my husband locked in till this passes or can she get better care where she is? Is she more likely to catch the virus there?

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I’d say leave her in AL for now. She is used to it. Changing her environment can be stressful.
Hire a nurse to give her meds. At least give this a try for a couple weeks and see how it goes.
Good luck!
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If you are able to care for her at home I would assume she would be safer there, but the unknowns are enormous with this virus. You will still have to go out for groceries and possibly be exposed. You and your husband should take every precaution possible. The other issue would be if you or your husband should become ill. Or your mother? Then what? In the facility there would be care for your mom. I don't see how you could possibly decide what is best. I guess it depends on how difficult it would be to move her against the odds that she will get the virus in the facility. This is really hard! I considered it too, and decided to leave my mom where she is.
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Stay in place. Leave her where she is. This is what quarantine means. Everyone stays where they are.
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