My dad is now on Medicaid and in assisted living.. and probably moving to memory care. He still has Medicare Parts A & B along with Medicaid as well as the $200 Medicare Part F coverage that I have been paying because he doesn't have enough in his personal allowance to cover it. My question: Is Part F still needed if he is now on Medicaid? I know Part F is no longer even available, but I'm wondering if I'm paying for something that Medicaid will pick up now. Thanks!

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From what I read F is Medicap coverage? Are they paying for his Part B the $114? Medicaid may pick up Part B. This you need to ask his caseworker.

Usually Part B is deducted from his SS check. If Medicaid is not picking it up it still is cheaper to allow it to be deducted from his SS than to pay for a suppliment. If this is confusing, call your County Office of Aging and see if they can take u thru it.

If F is a supplemental that Dad has been paying for, then he can drop it once Medicaid starts.

I see ur State pays for MC? If so, they may allow for a supplemental to be paid using his SS. Otherwise, Dad has no money for a supplemental and you should not pay it. Medicaid will pay fully for his care after Medicare pays their share.

Someone will chime in if my info is wrong.
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SZHNJ1023 Aug 2020
Thanks, JoAnn. You’ve given me some good questions to ask.
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