I went to visit my cousin who is in Memory Care yesterday. Most of the time, I take a couple of photos. When I asked her to smile for the camera, she didn't. I thought that maybe she was distracted or just not in the mood, so, I left it alone. Later, I noticed that she didn't smile at all, even though she seemed happy. I recalled how I have read that with dementia, the patient loses the ability to smile.

I know that with some things, the patient may regain some of their losses later on. Do you think that the smile will return? Sometimes, she has a very difficult time transferring from her wheelchair, but other times, she does much better. I just wondered if her smile capacity would fluctuate too. Wishful thinking?

I encourage you all to take photos of your loved ones while you can.

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Yes, I hope it will return, but, I'm prepared either way.

She has Vascular Dementia and possibly mixed with Alzheimers. She is in the severe stage, though, she still maintains a good appetite and can provide a short answer at times. Normally, it's yes or no.

I take her favorite treats, but I observe her eating very closely. So far, that's good. I did notice that she took the cup with the chips in it and turned it up as if to drink from it. After that, I held the cup. If I sit the food on the table, she will not know how to retrieve it. If I put it in her hand, She can then eat.

She seemed rather happy, Of course, she broke into tears when she saw me walk in the door, but then she was fine.

This is really wild. I asked her if she had a favorite for President and she gave me the full name of one of the candidates!!! I was impressed. She always was very political though. In the mini office evaluation, one of the few questions she could answer was the name of the President. lol
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My mom has had an almost total lack of facial expression for quite some time now but occasionally she does smile spontaneously. When we ask her to smile for pictures though she sort of smiles, but it looks more like a fright mask grimace than a real smile, yikes!
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Sunny as long as your cousin seemed happy and content I would be satisfied with that. All abilities do finally go so this is probably a progression although a sad one for you.
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The loss of facial expressions is part of late stage alzheimers or dementia. I have not seen it return. Smiling is done by voluntary muscles of movement, like walking or arm movement is. I'm hoping you'll prove me wrong.
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