My grandma is getting discharged tomorrow from rehab. The social worker told me Saturday discharge is considered unsafe, but I guess she is doing it anyways. My grandma's Medicare benefits ran out. They are setting up home care and a nurse is supposed to stop by on Sunday. Then they are going to send an occupational and physical therapist on a set schedule.

I'm worried about all these people entering the home and potentially bringing in corona virus. My grandma is 94 and my mom is 72. My mom has had low white blood cell counts, so I do not want to put her at risk. Do you think it is worth it to have them come into the home? Rehab hasn't been very productive that is why they discharged her. They say she has plateaued. I'm guessing the nurse will just take vital signs.

I agree with lealonnie. Don’t let anyone in the house!! There are no do overs. You only have one chance at life. Why risk it? We are in horrible circumstances in the state of New York. They refuse to close the post office, however they are giving us liberal time off from now till May 25th to take care of an elderly person or to take care of your kids. They also lifted the ban at the post office for no working more than 60 hours a week. Now you can work UNLIMITED hours at the post office where I work.
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There is no perfect plan in this. You have to decide which risk is the one that has least potential problems and how it compares to what might have greatest benefits. Is it riskier to possibly expose her to virus or have her do without home health services? There are steps to make home health safer, but not foolproof, as nothing is, but the decision is one of what you feel is greatest risk vs benefit. For my dad it’s safer for him to continue having his helper come. You may or may not find the home health worth it. I wish you the best in figuring this out in this stressful time
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Nothing is worth getting this virus. Take care 💗.
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If I were in your shoes, I'd have NOBODY visiting my home. No. Body. At any time. Period. If your grandmother wasn't making progress in rehab, chances are she will not make progress at home, either, and you'll be exposing 2 or 3 vulnerable people to the virus. What for?

I'd limit the items being brought into your house as well ie: groceries, etc. and be sure to wipe ALL of them down along with the counter tops. Throw all the bags and boxes away in a plastic bag out in the garage. Then wash your hands like you just handled ghost peppers & have to put contacts in your eyes.

No kidding. Be very cautious right now. There are no second chances for any of us.
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My 97 year old mother has nursing visits once week. I asked the RN to use a mask and she was perfectly fine with it. She washed her hands and used sanitizer. I asked her prior to entering our home if she had a temp, cough or any other symptoms. I also asked her if she is treating any patient with coronavirus. I go through this each week. I feel secure knowing my mother has some type of medical help. She is the only nurse that comes to our house. The nursing visits gives me peace of mind. Her doctors cancelled all appointments. She also had PT which finished about one month age. When the nurse leaves our home we wash the floors, disinfect counters and other surfaces. I feel it is better than the ER, or hospital in my opinion.
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