My mother went to rehab with UTI infection from hospital. In beginning was starting to improve then last week became weak. Sleeping so soundly could hardly wake up, was told she is just tired at 95 years old. After 5 days of this when first shift couldn't wake her up, did tests found out she has another uti infection. Today she seems depressed and loss of appetite down with antibiotic is she still recovering from uti or has it gone into sepsis or is her body shutting down? She seems worse since she went to rehab? I am so confused.

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Hi Dat1917
How are things with your mother now? Here is how I viewed things while caring for my mother in her late 90's:
My mother had made her feelings clear that she did not want to be going to the hospital and getting a lot of tests. As a very elderly person, she is very vulnerable to infections and UTIs are classically common in this population. They can be fatal. However, if it were my mother, I would not aggressively seek treatment. Every treatment has consequences and side effects. Antibiotics are miracle drugs, but they can cause stomach upset and diarrhea. All very manageable for a younger person but they can be distressing to a very elderly person.
It may help you to clarify your goals for your mother's healthcare. Is the goal to have her live as long as possible? Is the goal for her to be in familiar surroundings and made as comfortable as possible?
These are not necessarily mutually exclusive goals. But if you have a specific goal in mind, when a choice arises, it is easier to pick a path.
We are blessed to have our mothers into their 90's and it is sad to have to let them go. I wish you all the best,
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I am bumping your question up. What has happened since you posted this question?

Hopefully, we'll get some responses. I have the same question regarding my LO. My LO has severe dementia, recurring UTI's and now a sinus infection. She's getting less alert and I'm trying to consider options for the next steps. We were in the ER all day Wednesday. It seems we are going to just keep treating her. It took them multiple attempts to get a vein for blood draw and IV.  She was scared and confused.  I have some tough decisions to make. 
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