Medicaid responded that they want verification for all expenditures/withdrawals/deposits since 2012. Is this normal procedure? It would take forever to try and go through 5 years of statements and then find all the receipts, etc.? Any knowledgeable advice will be greatly appreciated.

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For my mom it was 3 years of bank statements as mom was in IL & still owned her home before entering a NH, so Medicaid could kinda determine funds went to pay those costs. So just 3 years of all pages of statements.

BUT in addition to the bank statements, she had to get a notarized letter from her bank as to the disposition of any & all accounts closed within 5 years. Including safe deposit status. She had tbills and CDs & as terms expired they all went in full into her checking account. Like CD #1234 for $5,867.89 cancelled 2/2/2009 & transfered to checking account #6789 for $5,867.89 on 2/2/2009. If there had been any gap, I’m pretty positive she would have had a transfer penalty inquiry from Medicaid. Took better part of a morning with a bank officer to get done as all backtracked and verified even with my bringing old CD stuff. Scheduled appointment. No charge. This was a bank based in her city. I’d guess that BoA, Chase will charge a research fee if they need to get statements beyond 1 yr.

For both my moms & mil NH admissions, the NH gave dpoa a list of documents needed to accompany the Medicaid application. Lists were actually slightly different even though NH in the same state (TX). I’ve assumed the difference was due to how the individual NH admissions Dept reviewed the application to figure IF the NH will take them as “Medicaid Pending”. For both mom & mil, each of their NHs reviewed documents and submitted all documents, the Medicaid application (done at NH in advance of admission) along with their NH bill to the local caseworker. My mom was fine on “Pending”, but mil wasn’t & took BIL months to get resolved finally in her favor after death.  Casework seemed to be assigned by zip code. I actually spoke with my moms caseworker as there were glitches with her life insurance and a car she gifted to worthless nephew almost at the 5 yr look back date. And an inquiry on non SS/ retirement deposit into her account (to see if it could be recurring income). Got all worked out & within just a few days from Medicaid mailed request & phone calls. Caseworker was great & knowledgeable but he told me he had strict timeframe for review of AND submission of items needed or mom’s application would be denied. All time stamped so no wiggle room. And once denied then all future needed to go through appeals which was not done locally....... 

All in all my moms initial paperwork was over 100 pages....... really it was quite a stack, but mainly due to front & back pages on moms vintage lengthy life insurance policy. Remember to make copies of all Submitted & keep in a binder. If your state does an annual renewal, some of the documents initially submitted (like insurance policies or real property ownership) will need to be sent again in for the renewal. I had no idea renewals happened and had packed all into storage. For more fun, renewal was due within 14 days. So keep a binder going and put things into it as stuff gets mailed to her, like she should have just gotten her “awards letter” from SS and other retirement programs. That’s the kind of item that needs to go into the binder.

So imo you do need to submit something ASAP so the application stays in the “active” pile of the caseworker. Even if it’s just 2 years and attach a copy of the letter you’ve certified mailed to the bank requesting  the other 3 years. Caseworker has tight timeframes on application that is out of his / her control. You need for lines of communication to stay open with Medicaid. 
Good luck and try to stay organized!
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Caregiverhelp, yes it is quite normal for Medicaid to ask for financial statements going back 5 years. Since Medicaid is a tax funded program, Medicaid wants to make sure that an elder didn't change the Deed to the house to a grown child just prior to applying for Medicaid. Or if an elder gave large money gifts to all the relatives. Or bought a brand new car when they no longer drive. There are exceptions.

The banks can print off statements for you. Or you can set up where you can get into the bank accounts on-line and print them out [not sure how far back they go on-line]. As for receipts, like most people, we tend to throw away receipts. That is something you need to ask Medicaid on what to do ask each State has their own rules and regulations.
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It is called a five year look back and it is normal. They want to make sure that money has not been gifted away in order to make them qualify, but rather that their money has been spent on their care.
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