Non-smoker, good weight, exercise, good diet, no current problems, etc.. If not too late where do I begin to find the proper insurance?

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Our financial advisor found a company for me. I was 67 I think at the time. Recently I found another company. their policy differs and seems to compliment the first policy I got. I am now paying about $300 per month for these 2 policies.
There are companies out there. Read the fine print! christine
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Genworth is the market leader for LTC. I'd suggest you go to thier website to see what products are offered for your age range.

Also if you have a financial advisor they can find LTC policies that dovetail with your other investments.

Review the fine print. Look at what services are covered & When they start to pay & at what % is IMHO critical.

I have no idea how common this is, but my late moms NH would NOT take LT.c insurance at all. It was Medicare, Medicaid or private pay. Billing office told me that the reason why was that each of the LTC insurers all had a different reporting system for care plans, compliance of care & who provided by that it just wasn't worth dealing with. That there was always another item needed and lots of foot dragging on getting paid. This was a very good well run NH that was part of a small 5 facility chain.

Also since we have lost that crystal ball, we just don't know what the health care marketplace will look like in 10/20 ++ years.
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