My dad has dementia plus type 2 Diabetes, an essential tremor (Parkinson’s?) We don’t know and at this point with little money left I’m not undergoing fancy tests. He’s 84. He can hardly get around anymore and needs almost everything done for him, though he is still continent. His little bit of money will be gone by calendar year end. His income is slightly above the limit for state special assistance for assisted living. It appears our only option is nursung home Medicaid bed once his money runs out. I am unable and also unwilling to take on the crushing debt to continue in home care because I do not have a financial safety net and I’m not putting this on a credit card. I have no income right now and enough savings only to see myself through two months. Shouldn’t I just place him sooner rather than later in s nursing home? I don’t see an alternative.

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If there is no alternative, there is no alternative. Getting him professional care is completely okay.

You obviously need to get back to work, so start the application now and pray it will be a done before you run out of money.
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