My mom is legally blind. AL administrator said they would guide her to her seat on the little bus. They will also get her to the right place and get her checked in with the doctor’s office. I’m concerned about the steps on the bus and her possibly falling. Has anyone had experience with the medical transport at an assisted living facility?

Someone will help her when it comes to the steps.
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The facility could face lawsuits if they’re negligent, so I’m sure they are very careful. They’re professionals. She’s probably more safe with them than with you or a neighbor.
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My parents were in AL for 4 years and never had issues with the mini bus. The driver was amazing; he helped each resident individually, with their walker or cane, getting them on and off the bus, etc. He even accompanied them into the grocery stores when they were shopping, to corral them all back into the bus at the end of the allotted time. He took a head count to make sure they were all present and accounted for at the end of the trip, etc. That's a big part of their job, the bus drivers, is to babysit the residents.

If you can't trust the AL and the bus service, you should take her to her medical appointments yourself. That's the only way to know for sure she'll be safe, but that's not a guarantee either since nobody is every 100% 'safe' in a motor vehicle.
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We use the bus service all of the time but I meet her at her appointments. When we are done the bus comes to get her. I am not comfortable transporting her myself. Works great.
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So the transportation at my brother's ALF was excellent. Did all the above and did it well.
Is it the same as you driving Mom, staying with Mom and returning her home? Nope. But it is nexThey t best in a good facility.
I think your question recognizes that you know a fall WILL happen. You are correct. I am 80. My balance at this time, despite walking and being very active, makes me like a feather in the wind. An 150 pound feather. I have fallen. So has my 61 year old daughter. Usually it is a matter of not taking care, tripping on something left unsafe. And so far, knock wood, nothing is busted. But it WILL HAPPEN as certainly as I live, and only NOT living will stop it. I think you understand that. They recognize your Mom is blind and in need of extra care. I wish you all good luck and hope Mom has safe and happy trips. My bro used to go not only to appointments, but shopping and to movies with the transit. Was he in danger. Yes. He was. But it wasn't a fall that took him finally. Life just cannot be predicted.
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Aside from from being blind, does your mom have the mental capacity to handle a doctors appointment alone? Can she follow instructions and relay to you what the doctor said. I could see using the service if you didn't think you could handle transporting her on your own, but I would have to be in attendance for the trip.
This seems like a lot to be trusting the AL facility with and it seems like a lot for your mom not to have someone with her that she knows.
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Are you meeting her at the doctors office for her appointments?
If not is anyone going to be there? Does she fully understand what is told to her and will she relate any information to you and to the AL staff if they need to be made aware of any changes to medication, diet, or any other aspect of her care?
The transportation at the IL, AL,, MC are reliable. The driver or drivers know the residents. they will take the time needed to get them settled into a seat and make sure they are comfortable. In most cases they have the same CDL license that a Bus Driver has and they have to follow the same rules that they do.
If this is the safer way to get her to an appointment rather than you transporting her your other option is to get a Medical Transport to take her. This will cost substantially more than using the Van provided by the Facility.
When my Husband was in a Day Program at a local MC facility I would often join them when there was a place that they would take them for lunch that I thought my Husband would like. The staff getting people on and off the bus were amazing. The driver greeted each and every one, made sure each was secure.
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Good suggestions / supportive ideas here.
* You might want to ask the administrator more specifics; as well
* Talk to the drivers personally - get to know them.

In my working with others at a retirement home, the bus drivers are exceptionally caring, considerate, helpful. Some go that extra mile.

* It is important to also find out about possible accidents (falling) liability.
I do not know if the facility would be responsible for injury to a loved one during transporting (although they are, of course, insured).
It is important that you ask what the facility liability is in these situations.
Accidents / falls can happen. It likely isn't the legal responsibility of the driver if a resident on the bus falls / has an accident.

Gena / Touch Matters
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my husband’s Al/MC residence does a great job at transporting to and from appointments. For a small fee, an aide will accompany the resident through the appointment of a family member can’t be there. All around it is terrific. Wish you the same!
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Medical transport knows how to get someone on and off their bus. I wouldn't worry so much about that. If you want to know what is discussed during the visit, I strongly urge you to attend the appointment or send friend/family to do so.

You might also want to ask mom if she is comfortable riding the transport bus. She may want a family member to do this sort of thing with her.
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