My husband is 91 with ALZ, and he is pretty much confined to his room. He can come out, but I encourage him not to and bring everything to him. His aide comes in the morning to shower and dress him, and I have hand sanitizer at his door to be used upon entering. Other than her it’s just me and my girlfriend in the house. My gf is a Dr and goes to work each day (she does not go in his room). I’m young and healthy, and I miss seeing my son and the children, but of course I don’t want to put my husband at risk. Of course I would take precautions and once I was back in the house I would shower before going into his room. Perhaps this question is selfish of me to even consider, but the two year old really misses his “Loves” aka grandmother.

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No it is not safe.

How young is young, by the way? I'm delighted to read that you are young and healthy, but I assume you're speaking comparatively?

The point of social distancing is to reduce radically the number of contacts between individuals in a given population and thereby disrupt the virus's spread. The two year old no doubt is in exuberant good health, but that does not mean he is not harbouring the virus. Your son will have been in contact with a further cohort of individuals. Every person you add to your individual list of contacts increases the risk to everybody you come into contact with. And you cannot shower your respiratory tract.

Please don't think I don't sympathise. I am extremely hacked off that Mothering Sunday was postponed indefinitely because I haven't seen my son, DIL, granddaughters and newly married daughter in six months, or my other daughter for eight weeks, and I was sorely tempted to go ahead with our planned get-together. But then I had to ask: is this *essential*? And no. Not essential. Humph.

Your g/f's being a doctor, by the way, is a problem. I would like to assume that she herself is aware of the problem and is taking all precautions; but do stay on top of this situation. Is it possible for her to use a separate bathroom and avoid shared rooms in your house?

We have a news item today about a doctor being evicted from the room he was renting *because* he is a doctor. And of course, like everybody else, my first response was "well really! What a way to treat our NHS heroes!" But on reading the rest of the story, and reflecting for a while, I see that the landlady had a point. She has her own health and her family's to consider, she is not well, she cannot have in the house somebody who is daily coming into contact with many sick people. We are going to have to work out a better way of housing and catering for our hospital staff, that's all.
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When schools were let out in New York State, my sig other's teen aged grand-daughters thought this would be a great time to visit us in the Wash DC area. We put a quick kabash on that idea. Nope, nada, zilch. Their Mom was upset we wouldn't allow her and her daughters to visit. HELLO, what earth do they live on?

And even if we said yes, all three of them would be buried in their iphones, so that isn't worth the risk in our book.... [sigh].
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JoAnn29 Mar 26, 2020
Especially coming from NY. Most of NJs cases are from near the border of NY and NJ.
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I live in South NJ. Most of our cases are North of me especially on the NY/NJ border. We have been self guaranteeing since the 17th. So far in my County we have 2 cases but testing is not available yet.

In Freehold a family thought it would be nice to still have their weekly family dinner on Mar 3. These people did not live together. Out of 7 people 4 died. Someone carried the virus.

No, I don't think it is a good idea to visit your grands. Ur Dr. GF could bring the virus home with her. Then u infect the grands. Stay home. This virus will not die out if u don't stay home.
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NeedHelpWithMom Mar 26, 2020
Thanks for the reality check! We can’t be cavalier about this. The virus is spreading rapidly here because we had over a million people in our city celebrating Mardi Gras. Lots of tourists from all over the world.

We are up to just about 1800 and 65 deaths in Louisiana. State wide mandatory stay at home order, businesses closed, stores are only open for essentials.
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Stay home. Don't risk your GF health, she has an important responsibility to her community. Do daily FaceTime visits. Flatten the curve.
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I agree that the best answer is to stay home for anyone and everyone that possibly can. My husband is in current cancer treatment and I have been treated for cancer in the past, so doing well today, but still much at risk. We ONLY leave for his weekly chemo treatments. However, we have 5 children and 9 grandchildren and I truly can relate to the heartbreak of not seeing each other. We have made use of technology as well as good old fashioned mail to stay connected. One of my daughters did pick up some needed supplies for us last week and had the kids in the car when she dropped them off. (She leaves them on my porch and I safely bring in later) Anyhow...we live out in the country and the boys got out of the car and we came out on our deck (well more than 10 feet away) we "air hugged" waved, talked and we were able to have a slightly awkward but oh so meaningful brief visit. I know it was as much needed for them as us, and I do feel like it was as best as can be at this time. Another daughter will likely pick up next weeks supplies and hope to do something similar. Outside only, no no no snuggles, but big smiles from afar. Maybe, something like that could work for you? Be well, stay safe, and think about all involved in this crisis and how each persons actions have trickle down effects.
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A recent study seems to show that MOST coronavirus infections were passed along by people showing NO SYMPTOMS. Those kids could be infected and you would never know it,

stay home

the only way to be certain is to stay home.

flatten the curve.
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I would say no. In New York where I live we have the most corona virus of all the states. Also the United States has the most corona virus people infected with it than any other country including Italy and China. We are told to stay home. Don’t visit anyone including grandchildren. The sooner everyone adhered to the stay at home rule, the sooner we can get back to normal with no more cases of the corona virus
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bookluvr Mar 28, 2020
China is under quoting. It’s a given. Best to avoid believing any statistics from communist countries. There are videos snuck out of China from its citizens speaking up. In the latest video, they were ordered not to report any new coronavirus patients. No more updates on the deaths. Etc.... Latest video shows donated packages worldwide just strewn unopened outside, on the ground, etc...

One also needs to take into account that the USA as a country is much bigger than a European country. Several European have mentioned that they can travel within 9 hours by car from one European country to another. They couldn’t believe that they drove that many hours in Texas, and were still in Texas. They did not realize how big Texas was. They mistakenly thought they can cross the US by car ... and were still in Texas...

Therefore comparing Italy to the US is incomparable. Google ‘size of Italy vs USA’. =)
Also, I don’t think you want people living in New York to flee to your state where you don’t have the corona virus yet. Everyone stay home. I wish I could stay home. I work for the post office and they refused to close our facility down. Last Wednesday a girl tested positive for the corona virus in the building I work at. Needless to say, 20 people called in sick!! I went to work, but 20 of my coworkers didn’t. Our district manager that covers the whole Northeast, told us to come to work!!! Those stimulus checks need to be mailed out!!
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Younger people are getting this virus. Just because you are young and healthy doesn’t matter. Even if you would not get this virus, you could become a carrier for this virus if you choose to expose yourself.

Please stay home and remain safe. Keep those in your home safe by social distancing with others.

Why don’t you FaceTime with your family and friends?

Best wishes to you and your family.
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Can you Skype or do a phone app to visit? I don't know of anyone visiting
anyone and most parents don't want
anyone visiting despite the great help they are missing. It's a sad and strange time. For those who rely on faith it can also be very difficult. If one reflects back to other times of crises there was also solace in places of worship and now that is becoming forbidden. I hope for unity because there is not enough energy for divisiveness and it does not allow for the necessary needs we all need moving forward.
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