I am also interested in adult day services as well.

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Without more information it is difficult to answer your question.
Is your husband a Veteran? If so when and where did he serve? If he is a veteran contact the VA or the Veterans Commission Office and they can get his records to help determine if he would qualify for help and if so what type and how extensive.
Have you looked into Adult Day Care Programs?
Have you Looked to see what your local Township offers? Senior Center? Home Health Aids?
Have you checked with the Parkinson's Organization to see if there are groups in your area that might help.
Also would be good to know what type of help you are looking for or what you need.
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Hi Rosalindrussell,
On the caregiving forum pages there is a blue box labelled "Find Care & Housing." Use that form to start your search for In-home care providers near you, or click the "Find Care" link at the top of any page to start your search. Using either of these methods is a free service that will put you in touch with a care advisor that can help explore your care needs and match you with a home care provider in your area.
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