Is it okay to give Depakote to dementia patients? -

Is it okay to give Depakote to dementia patients?

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  • Wearing purple, using hashtags and changing your profile picture on social media won't end Alz, but there are other significant ways that you can have a beneficial impact on patients and families who are dealing with dementia.
  • The stories we hear and the stories we tell define who we are and how we perceive our world. Alzheimer's is perceived by many as a story-stealer, but a courageous group of caregivers and patients aim to change the view of Alzheimer's disease.
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  • People with Alzheimer's and dementia often experience difficulty with recalling the names and faces of their family, friends, and professional care team. In some cases, though, all they need is a little help to mentally connect the dots.
  • Dementia Aware. What does that mean? I read this all the time. Dementia aware restaurants, public places, even dementia aware cities.