My dad sleeps more hours than he is awake. The only thing he seems to enjoy is eating. He eats than goes back to sleep. He is not interested in tv or anything else. I wish I could bring some quality of life back into his life. So so sad.

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It is sad for you, and sad to see, I agree. But as long as it isn't sad for your *dad*, that's the main thing. Take comfort from being there for him. I expect, if one could read his mind, that your being around does pretty much all that needs doing for his quality of life. That, and a nice comfy chair anyway :)

Hugs to you, I know it is hard to feel that your parent is opting out of life.
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08/27/16.... trex, I see from your profile that your Dad is 88 years old. My gosh, when one is in their 80's and 90's they are really really tired. They have lived a long time, time to rest. Decades ago, we had "rest homes" for the older generation, thus properly named :)

It's tough for someone who has a hearing problem to converse, and watching TV can become the same old same old day after day. Only thing I can suggest is if there is a senior center where you could take Dad so he could watch a movie with sub-titles, or find another activity he could enjoy.

My Dad is 94 and he lives in Memory Care because he's a fall risk and has dementia. He recently moved in and at his first meal in the dining room he was placed with 2 other gentlemen around his age, one was hard of hearing. It's just the thought of being with others at meal time and waving "hi" will perk them up :)
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