My husband has had Alzheimer's for 9 years. After so long a time wishing he would just take a nap during the day so I could get something done, he is now sleeping 18 to 20 hours a day. Now that I do have the opportunity to get laundry, cleaning, etc. done, I am worried that he is sleeping too much. My clinical self says, "thank God for small favors".

Has anyoneelse dealt with this? Is this normal behavior with Alzheimer's patients?

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My mother sleeps anywhere to 14 hrs to 18 hrs and this is do to the disease. From what I understand about dementia especially VaD pts sleep a lot. I am thankful that she sleeps so much this may some mean, but I am able to get things done; have time with my BF; and she is not causing mayham, nor is she keeping me up all night. Thank God for small favors.
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You should look up the FAST scale for end stage dementia, as well as the mortality risk index, which hospice uses. When I saw this, it was hard to see in clinical terms.

Our mom's MRI score is 18.9. That is a hard thing.
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I have read that sleep patterns in people with dementia are altered by their disease. It’s not a deep, restful sleep such as we hope to enjoy every night. I suppose you should, on some level, be grateful for this stage of his disease. We see a lot of posts from people,e who are kept up all night by their loved ones with dementia and their behaviors.
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