Children are refusing to buy over the counter medication for their mother to take until her doctors prescription is able to be filled and she suffers without the medication.Is this considered neglect and how would you report this considering HIPPA..

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Tintin, as CountryMouse mentioned above, there could be a good reason why NOT to purchase over the counter pain meds for your friend.

I remember when my Dad needed to use over-the-counter paid meds, he was allowed only a certain brand. The other every day well known pain relievers would interfere with the other prescription medications he was taking.

Curious, why is there a delay in the doctor writing a prescription for pain meds, or has your friend used up the prescription all ready and isn't allowed a refill until the 30 or 60 days if up?

And who is telling you that the grown children are not getting your friends pain meds? I am just curious if the person in your profile is that friend, I see that she has Alzheimer's/Dementia. Please note if she told you, that patients with memory issues will make up stories to over dramatize what is going on in their life or they saw something on TV and believe the person on TV was them.
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There can be good reasons for this, such as anxieties about side effects or clashes with existing meds, and there can be less good reasons for it, such as stubbornly standing on principle. It would be helpful if you could be more specific about what sort of o.t.c. medication you are talking about, what the mother needs it for, and in what way the mother is suffering.

If the mother is in pain, then there is no good reason to delay seeking medical advice about how best to relieve it.

HIPPA does not prevent anyone from reporting concerns, only from being given information about the person in question. But don't focus on the possible culpability of the children, focus on the goal of improving the mother's care.
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