Yes, need more info. If a person is in Memory care they are there because they have Dementia/ALZ so cannot make decisions or give permission.
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If I understand this correctly, someone wants to or has transported someone from a memory care unit to a place of business like a bank with a caregiver.

Someone who is in a memory care unit should not be taken to a place of business like a bank for they can no longer legally do their own business due to being incompetent, otherwise, why would they be in memory care.

I don't see how having a caregiver there would make things anymore legal than they aren't. So yes, this does not sound legal to me.

Has someone been taken out of memory care to a place of business like a bank where they were involved in making business decisions under the guidance of someone else?
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By business, do you mean for medical purposes? Or to a bank, or an attorney? Are you a family member or a professional driver?

I sense there's more going on with this situation beyond the issue of legality of transporting someone. Are you concerned about liability? If you are the driver, are you a professional driver, friend, relative and/or using your own vehicle?
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