A family member who I take care of with multiple health issues won't take charge of their finances and is being walked all over by the health insurance plan they have. I have experience in picking plans and did some work and found a plan that covers their needs and would cut their cost in half. Just one problem, they won't listen to reason and claim they can't afford it. It has a $0 monthly premium and a yearly deductible that is only a fraction of their medical bill this year. After checking out the reputation of various companies, it's tempting to just enroll my loved one in a plan. I'm not sure this would be treated lightly by Medicare who probably would not like when you log into someone else's account. My relative does not care less if I log in on their Medicare page but still wants to argue about my finding a better insurance plan.

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I have to agree with MJ. And if regular Medicare with a supplimental I would leave it there. Medicare Advantages sound good, but they do not always cover A & B like they should. Its a hassel trying to get them to pay. And from what I have heard about the O premiums, there is a lot of co-pays and maybe higher deductibles. You really are not getting O premiums. The cost is worked in somehow and you end up paying out of pocket.

We r on an employer plan that if we drop it, we cannot get back on.
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Not your business unless they asked you to do that.

People have a right to make poor financial decisions, and if they're competent, you're stepping way over the line.
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Be very careful if you are thinking of switching from a supplemental plan to an advantage plan. Generally supplemental is better coverage, but it was explained to me that if I start on a 0 premium advantage plan I would not be able to ever change it to a supplemental plan.

Is this person competent? If so, it is best to leave it alone. If declared incompetent, then you have the responsibility to do as the person would do.
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