Why is this allowed....that is too expensive.

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Are you referring to moms ss check being paid to the NH?

If yes, that's how it works, you pay all you have, less a personal needs allowance, and Medicaid pays the rest.

Can you clarify exactly what you mean?
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Medicaid means Mom has no money. As her child you are not responsibility for her care. Like said, ask the financial department for an explanation. Then call Medicaid and run it by them. Moms SS and any pension should now go to the NH. If this is being done then Medicaid should be picking up their share.

Do not pay anything out of pocket. Update us when you find out what its all about.
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What is a “liability payment”? What is it for? My mother was in a nursing home on Medicaid as well, and it never cost me a cent out of my pocket. Her personal needs were taken out of the $40;a month personal account she had which was set up by the Home.

Have someone from the financial department at the Home explain to you what this is and why you have to pay it. Then, if you still feel like this isn’t right, contact a lawyer.
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