My father waited 3 days for antibiotics after x ray diagnosed pneumonia. My dad was hopsitalized after being nonresponsive, dehydration. My dad was denied a walker when he was a fall risk and now he is unable to get out of bed without assistance because his boxspring and mattress are on the floor. It is too low and he is not strong enough to support himself even with walker. I requested in writing up and down bed 6 months ago. APS is involved and still I find my dad in a neglectful state.

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If he is a fall risk, it is normal that his mattress is on the floor. It's weird, but normal. Rails are not approved in most states in a LTC setting (by law), and this is the cheapest, safe way to keep a person from getting out of bed and falling.   You can volunteer to pay the monthly rent for an adjustable bed, but it will still be on the floor, without rails.

And walkers are sometimes not approved if a person is not cognitively able to use one safely. A PWD can easily fall because they can't remember how to use a walker (my DH carries his instead of putting it on the floor).

The fact that you have involved APS is likely the reason that you have been restricted. Perhaps they feel that you are interfering in his care plan?
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lphssn6, you should be letting the medical Power of Attorney handle such situations, otherwise there could be duplications [such as too many cooks in the kitchen].

There probably are legit reasons for what is happening. Antibiotics are sometimes done through an out-of-town prescription service , thus if the script was written on Friday, it could take until Monday to get the meds delivered to the facility. Some places have contracts with a local pharmacy chain, but someone from the family would need to pick up the prescription.

Regarding the walker and the hospital bed. Dad probably would need to get a doctor's script in order to purchase these items. Medicare approved stores can bill Medicare, but there would be a co-pay that Dad would need to pay. Or the family pay in full, and be reimbursed by Medicare. Sometimes you can rent these items.

Now I am wondering if your Dad is on Medicaid being in a nursing home, instead of being self-paid in Assisted Living. I am not that familiar with the ins and outs of Medicaid and who pays for what, I will let someone else on his website give those answers.
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