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Srgramacy, when the Assisted Living unit was first rented, by chance did the resident get a discount? Sometimes here are special discounts if the facility has too many rooms vacant. My Dad got a discount because it was the winter holidays and those on the waiting list didn't want to move in the snow.... snow didn't bother Dad.

Thus, when the 2nd year approaches, chances are the rent would be increased off of the regular rent for said unit, not the discounted price.

Best to check with the business office for a break down of the rent increase.
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Often it's not the rent, per se, that inflates costs, it is all the little extra services that get added to it as someone needs more care.
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What does it say about rent increases in the contract?

There's no particular reason why a 75% increase should be illegal in itself. But obviously that is quite a hike. What justification has been given for it? And what notice period?

Your options are:

#1 pay it
#2 challenge it and hope to negotiate a more acceptable solution
#3 move
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