C is absolutely right. The first time we went to visit MIL in her facility there was a woman all the way over in the next wing absolutely shrieking “HELP ME!” at the top of her lungs. I was so startled, I jumped five feet in the air. At my mom’s facility a lady sat in her doorway and yelled scripture at anyone who passed. But she also said she’d pray for me which was much appreciated. In Hubby’s rehab, a fairly young woman constantly yelled nonsense words. They finally moved her to Memory Care.

Having written that, though, be on the lookout for any symptoms something isn’t right. Stopping eating may be a sign of oral or dental issues or even a stomach issue Favoring an arm or a leg may mean an injury. But for the most part, people with dementia are just living in their own world.
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Yes, Mom did it everytime she got up or repositioned herself.
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Lots of people with dementia make nonsensical vocalizations - there are the people who constantly call "nurse! nurse!" or "help me, help me" or some such, or who constantly mutter or hum or sing. Do you think that is what is going on?
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