Is it better to stay on Aid and Attendance with the Veterans or go with Medicaid for LTC?


I'm seriously questioning whether it is better to stay in the Veterans AD for LTC than giving it all up to go on Medicaid, one cannot double dip. However the VA is vastly more forgiving with assets, allowing one 80,000 in the bank where Medicaid allows the poverty and more in-depth five year lookback making one feel like they are hiding assets. Hence every elder lawyer or financial planner readily giving advice on protecting assets. Looks like we are in a war with the Federal about those that just have a house with no Coorporate Job and investments with beneficiaries who hide or prepare their estates for the future?

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ckrestaurant1, what is Veterans AD for LTC? It's the AD that I don't understand.
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ckrestaurant1, I am moving your post closer to the front section of the forum. Hopefully a caregiver familiar with this can give you advice.
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