Mother is 100 years old. Her blood pressure is in the normal to excellent range for a 100 year old woman. She loves to sleep. She can ambulate on her own and or with a walker or wheel chair. I often wheel her to from the bedroom to the dining room. Her appetite is good and she enjoys outings with me every two or three days. Have heard about seniors her age sleeping for 2 or three days. What is your experience?

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Lu, you're asking 2 questions, one on the issue of waking up your mother to eat, and the other on whether folks here are experienced with 2 - 3 day sleep episodes.

I'll address only your first question. If in the second question you're referring to solid sleep, not getting up to eat or dress, I don't have any experience like that.

At 100 years old, sounds like she's a pretty spry young centenarian! I would let her eat when she wakes up, naturally. I've seen folks trying to eat when they're too tired to even hold their head up, and the meal ends up really not being a meal but rather just a few bites.

I would be concerned about consistent nourishment, though, especially if she sleeps soundly for a few days. But if she's spray and gets around, I'm assuming that she's getting enough nourishment for her to be able to do that.

Congratulations to her on hitting the big 100 mark!
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