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This is a question you need to ask a Medicaid caseworker.

In my state the spend down limit is 2,000 for LTC. This means that the person applying can have no assets higher than 2k. The monthy income (SS and pension, if any) can't exceed 2200.

If applying for Medicaid for healthcare or in home care, thats a different criteria. You really need to sit down with a Medicaid caseworker in your state. Each State has its own criteria.
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Okay, so what is the “monthly income” qualification for long term Medicaid Nursing home care? I understand the “asset” qualification part.
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mstrbill Feb 8, 2020
It depends on the state you live in, but if your income is over the monthly limit, there are ways to work with that to qualify (send excess income to Miller trust, for example).
It depends on what type of Medicaid. There is Medicaid health insurance and medicaid for long term care. Medicaid health insurance is income based and the
monthly income limit varies by state. Long term care Medicaid is based on income and assets, you can’t have more than $2k in assets.
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