Is hospice an option for my father in law?


He is currently in a nursing home with alcohol induced dementia and is very aggressive, he currently has to be encouraged to eat, barely talks and when he does he makes no sense. He also has cirrhosis of the liver. He can barely walk and has not stayed in the nursing home for more than two weeks at a time because they keep shipping him back to hospitals due to the aggression. We are not being told much by the doctors and every time he is in the hospital they just dope him up and then send him back to the nursing home. The dementia started back in February of this year and has progressed faster than you would believe.

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Mnm, ask the attending doctor this question. It really would require a physician's assessment. It might be that the liver cirrhosis could be a terminal condition.

Sorry to read of the difficult situation you and your FIL are facing.
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