My mom and my brother who is POA and named joint owner on all her bank accounts, CD’s etc. have been socking cash away in a safety deposit box at bank. I get the sense they think this money does not have to be reported. Brother is POA and refuses to share information with me, insists that he will be the one to take care of her and refuses to seek legal advice about Medicaid and how to preserve her estate. On one hand I don’t want any part of her financial issues since he is so hostile to me. On the other hand I don’t want to see any potential need for Medicaid jeaopardized if/when there is a look-back.

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Medicaid will ask if there are any safety deposit boxes. Brother better be truthful. They will find out.
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I have to say that if your brother is planning on trying to “fool” the Government and do shady things, you’re better off out of it lest you get tarred with the same brush, so to speak. Banks have to report things and you’d be surprised ( and probably they will too) what Medicaid finds out. Stay out of it and observe from afar. They will learn that their clever little plan will blow up in their faces.
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Twillie Nov 2018
Absolutely I stay out of it. The only thing I do is provide her care when she needs it. As you know by my other posts I try to not over extend myself on that. As I know there is a crisis just around the corner so I save my energy.
Wow I just read earlier posts on this subject. Just as I thought - it’s illegal. Adds to the long list of reasons I detach from him.
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