My wife has been using the Exelon Patch for 18 months which was covered by Humana Rx (but still costs us $223 per month out of pocket). Just received notice that Exelon will no longer be covered for 2019 plan year. The notice says Covered Possible Alternative includes rivastigmine transdermal 24 hour patch but says nothing about which patch from any specific pharma company may be covered. I called Humana and of course customer service people know less than nothing. The are some articles on the internet re generic patch from Alvogen and Sandoz. Is anyone having similar experience? Thanks.


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Dennis, I’m guessing your wife has been diagnosed with having Lewy Body Dementia as Excelon is the go to drug for Lewy as Aricept doesn’t work for Lewy as it does for Alz. My late mom was Lewy & yeah I’d be peeved to switch as Excelon is totally a solid for early and mid stage LBD was our experience.

If this is the case, I’d suggest you surf the net for Lewy Body Dementia groups. You’ll find that you’re likely chatting with folks over in the UK as Lewy caregiver groups are very organized in the UK. USA very focused on Alzheimer’s even tho Lewy is the 2nd most common Dementia.
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