I would Love any Help Because I'm very new to Home Care of My 92yr old Mom. I've Decided to Try & Keep Her at home with Me as Long as Possible with a little help here & there when needed from other Family Members. But I'll Need to have My own health insurance & a income to also take care of Myself while Living with Her. Do I need a Lawyer/ a Contract/ List of what I Do 4 Her/ Etc... Any Suggestions. She can't get Medicaid either at this point because she owns too much property etc.. I Posted awhile ago also about My living arrangements But haven't got very many responses yet.. New 2 Care Givers.

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ivorylace55, the vast majority of grown children who are helping taking care of a parent do not get paid.... unless that parent can pay you out of their own pocket.

You mentioned that your Mom cannot get Medicaid because she owns too much property, etc. Is there any way she can sell some property/assets and hire a caregiver to help her out while you are at work? Then once Mom as reached the maximum asset requirement, she can try once again to go onto Medicaid.

It's something to think about.
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I am going to bump you up and I am sure someone will answer questions.
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