Mom had stroke five years ago.

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None of the medications that are supposed to "slow decline" will work for ever. (if they worked at all) ..{{Personal opinion here that's all}}
Is there a reason she is now off the Namenda? If she was taken off for a reason what is the reason? and if you think it was working can she be put back on it?
Namenda was one I/we tried for my Husband but there seemed to be a personality change each time we titrated up a dose. I felt it just was not worth it. (Interesting I just "googled" contraindications for Namenda and strokes and it seems like Namenda might help rather than be contraindicated but would have to do more "googling")
If you feel there was an improvement or at least a slowing of the decline with the Namenda it is certainly worth discussing it with the Doctor.
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Not sure because I don't know if it would be different without it. My mother also had a stroke in 2013. She has been in AL since late 2013 after a bad fall. I think it may help some but certainly cannot cure and the progression of getting worse is sadly to be expected. It's very hard to watch. We didn't have the best relationship but I was always there and now I don't know what more to do.
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