My 95-year-old mother is in her final days, from what we can tell. She has her eyes closed most of the time. Twice in the past few weeks, when her eyes were open, I saw rapid eye movement (from side-to-side). It seemed to last about 10 seconds the first time. The hospice nurse did not see it, and did not know what it was, but figured it was something neurological.

Today, it happened when the hospice aide was here. The first thing that came to mind for both of us was a seizure of some type. It looked a bit more odd than the last time and lasted a little longer this time (maybe 30 seconds).

The only thing I can find online that might fit would be a focal seizure. Is anyone familiar with that?

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nystagmus. uncontrolled eye movements. neurological saw a young man who had it chronically due to a neurological condition.
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Op, I don't know that.
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If she is on hospice, this could be part of end of life. Could call out, see peeps you don't, etc. It could take on some other stuff. So expect that.
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Mapotter Jun 7, 2019
Thank you. Good to know. Is it actually a seizure?

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