My MIL needs someone to take her to appts or shopping when my sister-in-law is not able to. She does not need a regular attendant while at home at this point.


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Moppy, you will need to call the professional caregiving Agencies in your area to see what is the minimum number of hours that one of their caregivers can work. If you do find an Agency what will do a few hours every couple of weeks, note it probably will be a different caregiver each time because most caregivers want to work a 40 hour week with one client.

Don't be surprised if you find the hourly rate will be $20-$35 per hour. And if a caregiver needs to use their own car, mileage might be billed.

What type of shopping does your Mom-in-law needs to do? If it is grocery shopping, see if any of her local grocery stores have an on-line service. I don't know if Giant Grocery is in your area [we have it here in northern Virginia] who partners with Peapod. One goes on-line and orders groceries, and for a fee the groceries will be delivered to your Mom-in-law's home. For home delivery Peapod needs $100 [before taxes] grocery order. It's been a lifesaver for me.
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