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A SW indicated to me that because they ask all the financials, and make a business decision for themselves to admit the patient, they are obligated to retain that patient. However, I cannot find this in writing, and I don't really want to ask the marketing person for any facilities we are considering. Again, I am in NY and from what I can tell, the rules are different in each state.
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No. It's the facility's choice.
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Not all SNF's accept Medicaid. It is very important when doing discharge from hospital to rehab to talk to the discharge planning folks about assets and how long a snf needs one to private pay before they will accept Medicaid.

When my mom was in the hospital for hip repair, my brother (POA) and I were a bit taken about by the form that the discharge planning RN asked for us to fill out with all of mom's assets and income, but fortunately, we had my CPA SIL with us who had been down this road with her parents. She came up with accurate figures and we were pointed in the direction of some of the better places that would keep mom after two years of private pay. Even though my mom never needed to apply for Medicaid, it was good to know that she wasn't going to need to move.
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