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If your daughter fits the criteria, she may be able to receive Medicaid. Especially if she has no assets and her SSD puts her under the monthly income cap. My state its a little over 2300. The cap for assets is 2k.

For you, if you were in the military during a War then there is Aids and Attendance. Its called a pension and you qualify if u or your spouse need some kind of care. You can offset the cost of an AL or even a NH as long as Medicaid is not involved. You can't have both. Your County should have a VA office where you can sit down with a representative and find out what you and your wife are entitled to.
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Tom, have you registered with the VA to get into the system?  If not, that's the first step, or contact a local County or State VA extension office to determine the best place to register if there's no local VA.   I believe the VFW and the American Legion also still handle registrations as well as offer counsel on what could be available to you.

You can also peruse the VA's website, or check out the hits at

Or just search on "VA, Panama City, FL".

Or:, a good starting point.

Another option: (see following comment)

The former URL is for a  VA owned business to help Veterans qualify, but ensure that this office doesn't charge for handling applications.   Federal law (unless it's been changed recently) prevented companies from charging for assisting with registration and qualification. - perhaps the best place to start. 

It's best to file and get registered in the system; you'll be assigned to a team, with a social worker, who can help guide you as well as answer questions about benefits (at least that was the situation about 3+ years ago when my father received VA benefits.)  And your situation will need to be assessed to determine what benefits (including spousal care) might be available.

You could also search to see if there are VA nursing homes in your area.

And thank you for your service!
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