What can I do about an irrational mother and now stepfather who refuses to answer our well check calls?


Recently my mother's husband has been refusing to answer our calls, texts or any inquiries about my mother's well being, after many efforts from my wife that were unanswered, she finally texted him " should i have the police stop by and do a well check on you guys?" answer "mind your own business", we have to make one last trip out there to retrieve some property, we do not plan on giving him notice, but to show up with the PD to retrieve and well check my mother, since he has a violent pass and is always armed, he has not been acting normal lately, maybe afterwards i can get some kind social services involved to check on them and make sure she is getting her blood checked monthly instead of 1 to 2 times a year, any advice would be appreciated, thanks

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Under the circumstances you have described above which appear dangerous to say the least; you can also call protective services which is part of Elder Services in the town. They would be the best to consult with and can give the proper advice. Praying for you.
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