She watches some TV, but I would like to see her mind more engaged. A lot of elderly people do quite well with computers, etc., but I was thinking an Ipad may be the best thing for her, as it is lightweight. I would probably get her a larger one, as it's easier to see. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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Many older people are using IPads and also ebook readers. They can adjust the font, they are lighter to hold than a book, and they generally don't have a huge learning curve. I think this may be worth a try.
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Yes! The iPad rocks! If she would mainly be reading books (holding it for long periods of time, the Mini might be more comfy). If she'd be using it more like a computer, the bigger one makes sense. The Smart Cover works very well for propping it up.

My Dad had never used a computer in his life. He's elderly but still very sharp. He's done remarkably well with his iPad. Mom has advanced Alzheimers and as long as someone can set it up for her, listening to music, watching slideshows of family pictures, or FaceTimeing with family members are a high point in her day.

I'd be happy to share some more specifics about how we've made the iPad work for Dad if you like.
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