As some of you know I had to ban my step sisters from coming to my home. After they climbed over my gate and tried to get into my home and TT when I was not home and I had told them that we would not be home to come another time. First time to ever tell them in 6 years not a good time, I had plans.They only come about once ever 4 months . When my husband got home they cursed him and said unforgiveable things to a very nice man, they even told me how great he was themselves, over and over. I made safe alternative meeting place for Mom to be seen by them due to Mom's safety and concerns being meet first. This worked fine because all they had to do was come visit and then harrass me about everything ,they didn't have to feed , bath , wipe or clean Mom this was all done . Anyway to the point , My Aunt , Mom's Sister is having a party in a couple of weeks and would like for Mom to be there but is afraid of what might happen if the step sisters show up even though they are not properly invited. I am afraid of what they are capable of doing I really believe they are both unstable due to other crazy circumstances, other family members have tried to get them to go get help. Should I go or just arrange another time for My aunt and Mom to spend time together? Mom would enjoy it and I would love to carry her but at the same time I don't want Mom to be upset or scared. Really confused and concerned!

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