I am thinking of putting my father in an intergenerational care facility. This is a new concept to me, and I am looking for opinions on if I should pursue and explore this opportunity. For those of you that have questions to what it is, here is my understanding of the service. It is a blending of care for both youth and seniors. Interaction between the ages is a staple for this type of care. I hear from people using the service that it is nice to be able to interact with young folks. Have any of you had experiences with this type of care? How was your experience? What are your thoughts? I appreciate any feedback as I consider if this is a good fit for my father.



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I have no experience with formal intergenerational care; however, my mother lives with me and is visited daily by her great-grandchildren who live next door (two lived with us for nearly 3 years). The younger children in particular love visiting with Grandma; having her read to them, color, play simple games with little cars or puzzles. Mom's great-grandson decided at age 3 that only Grandma could read books to him; a year and a half later his books occupy a small bookcase in our LR and he picks a couple out and climbs into Grandma's lap for his "reading". Interacting with her great-grandchildren is the highlight of my mother's day, bringing her much joy.
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I read a little online about it on a CNN site and it sounds AWESOME! Omg, if things are managed well, I would think it would be a great idea. Granted, some seniors might not like the chatter of little voices everyday or the issues that could come with kids playing, like horseplay, but, over all, it sounds very positive.

When I was very young, I lived in a house with 4 generations under one roof. There wasn't much room, but, I never noticed that. In fact none of us did. It was great. We lived as a family and I got so much love, instruction and care from my elders. And, they seemed to love it too, because, we were much closer to our grandparents and great grandparents than most kids who just visit once in a while. I realize it's not an arrangement that works for every family.
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