My mom is refusing to eat today, and It get me so mad! Yesterday she ate really good and she felt better, had more energy, her vitals were good. However, today she is not going to eat, and she already is beginning not to feel well! I feel like I do so much for her and ask nothing in return. Couldn't she just eat her breakfast today, please? I'm trying so hard to make her feel better, but she will do nothing to help herself. It really frustrates me! I want her to feel good. I'm just going to go for a good run right now. I have someone that can look after her for about 30 min. Sometimes this job is too stressful!!! You watch the people you love stop trying and it just kills you inside. Everybody have a good day today!

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peeweedeb, when my mom was at her worst about 3 months before she died from cancer, she no longer wanted to eat. She forced herself to because she knew she HAD to eat to survive, but food no longer tasted good, or appealed to her at all. Most of the time after having cancer for awhile, the person dies of malnutrition caused by cancer, not the cancer itself. Some of the drugs mom were on added to the problem of not eating, but mostly it was just because that's the way it is. It's a terrible thing to see someone starve to death, and she only had to endure a few days of actually starving, so we all got off easy. But to see my mother, skin and bones in the end was awful. So whatever you can do to entice your mother to eat, do it. If it means she has milkshakes every single day, do it. Maybe you'll hit upon something that she'll eat, maybe not, but try anyhow. Sorry about your mom.
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I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing your mom's eating problems and her refusing to eat. Unfortunately, this is a problem in many elders today and many caregivers are going through the same thing trying to get get their elderly loved one to eat. Our AgingCare editors wrote some article on this topic to help caregivers like you. Check them out and hopefully they will help!!

Ten Reasons Why Your Aging Parent May Not Be Eating Properly


Five Tips for Avoiding Mealtime Misery

Best of Luck :)
Karie H.
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