My aunt fell in the beginning of January and was hospitalized to make sure everything was okay. Her doctor said that her dementia has gotten too severe for her to live alone and that she needs 24/7 car. She is in a facility in the assisted living section. Was just denied for Medicaid because of around $2300.00 cash value on an insurance policy that puts her over the monthly limit of $1500.00 in Indiana. She never married, never had any children. Back in 2010 she planned her funeral. She had one policy for $1000.00 that she signed over to the funeral home and they now own that policy. The 2nd policy, she just changed the beneficiary to the funeral home, but she still owns it. I have a phone interview on Friday with the state to start the process of reapplying for Medicaid. No one seems to have any answers. Would greatly appreciate help.

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When my mother-in-law had a worse than normal 'episode' with her dementia and nearly scared me to death, it got me thinking about her funeral etc. So I went down to the funeral home that also took care of her husband, my father-in-law. They told us that ANY money put aside for her funeral CAN NOT be touched by Medicare or Medicaid or whatever. That is protected money that is exempt from being part of her total wealth. So as soon as her CD matures in a couple of weeks, I as POA am going to take a set amount and give it to the funeral home. The people that run it are wonderful, and they have said that they will put it in an account earmarked for just her. If any cash is left over after her death, they said to tell us who to cut the check for and they will do it. Of course she'll probably outlive us all now after scaring me half to death, but just to be safe I'm gonna do it. ha ♥
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