Insurance coverage or AARP discounts related to home care aids or personal care attendants.


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You need to call AARP. Have ur Mom handy to say its OK to talk to you. There are different levels depending on the contract your Mom pays. The more u pay monthly the more u get.
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Contact your local Area Agency on Aging. There is help available to keep elders @ home with services. The charge is on a sliding scale.
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Hi MMBerger,
According to your profile, your nearest Area Agency on Aging is in Yorktown. The agency is called LifeStream Services, Inc. It looks like they have a Caregiver Support Program as well as In-Home Care and Options Services, where staff can help you figure out what services your mother might qualify for and help identify funding sources. I'd suggest giving them a call, (I hope the number is allowed to post); and their website is lifestreaminc..
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Call your state dept. of aging. Here in Pa. they have a program called Senior Life that takes care of Moms medical and day care one day a week to give me a break. (respite care)
Yesterday I took Mom in and she saw 6 different specialists (dietician, social coordinator, Geriatrics PC, Physicians Assistant nurse, Physical therapist, speech therapist that uses speech to stimulate brain exercises, occupational therapist all in one place and we went in at 11:00 and were sitting back in the car by 2:50. Really amazing. State programs to keep the elderly in their homes are becoming more popular in a lot of states but some still are behind and believe the old "round'em up , put them in facilities"
Your state might offer these programs plus what is called PDA Waivers (Pa. Dept. of Aging) that come in and assist with things like showering.
That is what I would do is talk to your states Dept. of Aging and see what is offered. They have been really helpful to us . They will come into the home and do an assessment and you will get a letter called "Level of Care Determination Notice" That will allow you to qualify for the programs offered if you get a check in the box that says "Nursing Facility Clinically Eligible" Then you can proceed.
Here is the link to our program and you can see what is offered in these programs.
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