As if my "burnout" weren't enough, as if taking care of my mother and being on call all day and night weren't enough, I now may be sued. United Health feels that since my mother fell in my home, then I should be sued, that I am liable and they don't want to pay her bills for the last 2 1/2 months. She went to the bathroom, went to sit on the toilet, missed it as she sat down and broke two ribs. How is that my fault? There were no loose throw rugs around. We have grab bars everywhere. I am at my wits end and my husband is, too. I just started feeling better, with the anti-depressants the doctor put me on. This is too much. How much can we handle?

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Oh man, this really is too much! I think I know how you feel. Direct care of the loved one is only a part of the picture. There is always the dang paperwork and insurance and applications and on and on.

This is a question of whether her insurance should pay, or your homeowners' insurance should pay. Are you on friendly terms with your insurance agent? Could you drop into his or her office, explain the mess, and ask for advice? It seems to me if you made every reasonable effort to make the bathroom a safe place you should not be liable. But perhaps it is best just to let the insurance companies fight it out. Talk to your agent and see if you can just refer the other company to them.

And please do not take this as a personal attack. I'm sure insurance companies have a checklist of all the ways they should try to legally get out of a claim before they pay it. It is not about you. It is simply standard procedure.
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