Inpatient care for parents with dementia. Can anybody give me words of sanity?


My mother is 67 with severe vascular dementia and my dad is 72 with moderate Alzheimer's. I had 24/7 in-home care for the past year (6 blocks from my house), then got the call that the company could no longer handle the task. Moved them to a small assisted living home 4 weeks ago. I have 3 kids (9-14 yrs) and a full-time teaching job. I've been taking care of them for so long but not in my home. I am feeling like I should be doing more than getting them in a facility. Logic says one thing but I feel really guilty.
Anybody that can give me some words of sanity?

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Ah, certainly we have some regret over their decline, which we often mistake for guilt. You ARE taking care of them, you are getting them the best of care and they of course will complain about it. Better to have them complain about strangers than complain about you. Better to have them be glad to see you at a visit than resent you for wiping their backside.
You found a better solution. Accept that for what it is. It's called "The wisdom to know the difference"
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