Alert, intelligent 94 year old woman, minor memory loss, low energy, apologizing for not sending xmas cards, etc... losing interest in life...heavy smoker, lots of coughing, hearing problems but not severe, mobility problems, overweight...seems defeated and depressed. Has neighbors around her who watch out for worse since fall season. SAD???

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My mother suffered from SAD and so do I. There is such pressure at this time of year to have overflowing Christmas Spirit, but where we live, the weather is almost constantly dark and cold. Because there isnt the opportunity to get out and about, there is lots of time for self-reflection.

Your mom may not be too happy with what she might see as her “failures” including the smoking and weight issues. Those sort of realizations can depress anyone, no matter what age. Since you say she is alert and intelligent, give her something to do. Set some easy weight goals for her. Work with her on a Memory book of some kind. I’m doing one for my grandsons right now, and it’s kind of fun! Try this before you medicate her. Good luck!
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Perhaps it's SaD. But it could be that she's 94 and done. That's a long time to live and she may just be ready . It wouldn't hurt to check with a doctor. Maybe an antidepressant would help.
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